How to Choose Coloured Contact Lenses for Dark Skin

How to Choose Coloured Contact Lenses for Dark Skin

Girls with lush dark skin look absolutely stunning wearing many different colours of contact lenses. It is a myth that women with dark skin cannot wear half as many different colours as white or fair girls. Dark skin is a beautiful canvas on which various types of contacts can be worn and can be pulled of beautifully. However, like all things in life there is a right way of doing it. This article will help you decide which colour would suit your skin, personality and purpose. It will also help you choose your first pair of lenses in case you’ve never worn them before.

When choosing coloured contact lenses, a number of factors need to be considered before buying. Each will be discussed in turn:

The purpose of wearing coloured or fashion contact lenses
The skin tone of the wearer
The accompanying makeup

Brown Girl Wearing Different Colours
Brown girl wearing Acuvue 2 Colors in Sapphire.
Brown girl wearing Acuvue 2 Colors in Sapphire.
Photograph of girl wearing Freshlook Colorblend contact lens in Autumn.
Photograph of girl wearing Freshlook Colorblend contact lens in Autumn.
Tanned girl wearing Freshlook Colorblend contacts in Green.
Tanned girl wearing Freshlook Colorblend contacts in Green.
The Purpose of Fashion Contacts

If you just want to wear fashion lenses just for the sake of it then there is not much to say here, but many people come to me asking which colored contacts to buy for their wedding or birthday or just for their first time. Therefore, knowing the purpose of buying the contacts will help you eliminate certain colours and help you choose the right ones.
Skin Tone

Different colours suit or look good on different types of people with different skin tones. This post is limited to dark-skinned girls ranging from olive skin to milk chocolate to gorgeous dark chocolate skin colours. These tones are so gorgeous in themselves that many types of colours suit them and look ravishing. Therefore, before picking up a pair of contacts consider your skin tone and then buy.

Some colours look good without any makeup, but to truly do justice to any skin tone, the perfect accompanying makeup does the trick. In my experience I have seen that almost anyone can pull of any coloured lens with the right type of makeup.

Now you need to consider the above three points and mesh them together to decide what colour to go for.
Lenses That Look Natural With Dark Skin

Many people want to look natural with just a subtle change in their eye colour. For this look you need to consider and imagine what the natural eye colours usually are of other people with your skin tone. Usually dark-skinned people have dark brown or black eyes (there are exceptions, of course, but most people expect dark-skinned people to have dark eyes). On that basis, if you want to have a subtle change in your eye colour without shocking your friends and relatives then you can go for the following colours:


Gorgeous dark-skinned woman wearing Acuvue Hazel Green contacts.
Gorgeous dark-skinned woman wearing Acuvue Hazel Green contacts.
Green Lenses

Many different shades of green look beautiful yet natural on dark-skinned girls. However, it is best to stay clear of the sharp and bright greens that people wear during Halloween. If you are confused about what green then just take a look at the pictures below. It will become evident that green contacts look very beautiful and natural.

Just take a look at the photographs of Rihanna with her naturally green eyes with star-burst hazel-honey. She looks divine! So what if you were not born with green eyes? You can always wear green contacts which will look quite natural and at the same time very beautiful on your skin, whether it be milk chocolate or dark chocolate or gorgeous ebony.

Green contacts are very easy to blend in with any skin colour with just a little bit help from some black eye kohl and lots and lots of mascara and you will have a pair of natural green eyes ready to awe everyone.

Hidden Gem of the Drugstore Beauty Aisle: Revlon Photoready Eye Art Pens

Revlon Photoready Eye Art Pens
Rhapsodii: Revlon Photoready Eye Art Pens Review
A Hidden Gem

When it comes to drugstore cosmetics, quality is generally hit or miss, and the wow factor is typically nonexistent. However, Revlon Photoready Eye Art Pens are truly a hidden gem tucked away in the beauty aisle.

Revlon’s Photoready Eye Art Pens are literally easy to overlook — you might even walk right past them without realizing what they are. Although an eye product, this product’s packaging is so similar to that of Revlon’s Nail Art Sun Candy and Moon Candy Nail Enamels that what it is may not be readily apparent.

Several major drugstore brands have recently started producing good quality eyeshadows that mimic high end eyeshadow pigmentation and performance. Revlon’s entry into this field is Photoready Eye Art Pens, a unique and playful take on higher quality eye pigments.

As a matter of fact, Photoready Eye Art Pens are a convincing dupe for Josie Maran’s coconut water cream eyeshadows (which retail for $18).

From top to bottom: Desert Dazzle glitter & shadow, Peach Prism glitter & shadow, Lilac Luster glitter & shadow, Burnished Bling glitter & shadow
From top to bottom: Desert Dazzle glitter & shadow, Peach Prism glitter & shadow, Lilac Luster glitter & shadow, Burnished Bling glitter & shadow
Pigmentation & Consistency

Photoready Eye Art Pens are double ended, containing both a liquid eyeshadow and a glitter gel liner.

The liquid shadow is incredibly highly pigmented and goes on evenly. It is creamy and metallic. The glitter liner is a clear gel containing colored glitter. It is less opaque and applies unevenly, but can be built up through multiple applictions as desired.

Swatches (pictured to the right) were all taken with a single swipe of a makeup brush over unprimed skin. As you can see, the shadow is intensely pigmented. Liquid eyeshadow took about one minute to dry. Once it set, it was long-wearing, did not transfer or fade, and remained until removed with an oil-based makeup-remover wipe. Glitter did flake off over time (probably from contact).
Desert Dazzle
Click thumbnail to view full-size
Desert Dazzle shadow over eyelid with Burnished Bling used as mascara. Peach Prism on brow bone, and Desert Dazzle glitter over eyelidDesert Dazzle shadow over eyelid, Burnished Bling used as mascara, Peach Prism on brow bone, and Desert Dazzle glitter over eyelidDesert Dazzle shadow over eyelid, Burnished Bling used as mascara, Peach Prism on brow bone, and Desert Dazzle glitter over eyelid
Desert Dazzle shadow over eyelid with Burnished Bling used as mascara. Peach Prism on brow bone, and Desert Dazzle glitter over eyelid
Desert Dazzle shadow over eyelid with Burnished Bling used as mascara. Peach Prism on brow bone, and Desert Dazzle glitter over eyelid
heartsKarla: Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Swatches & Demo
Shadow Application

Photoready Eye Art Pens are advertised as a product for lid, line, and lash. That’s a lot of territory to cover, and as you might imagine, they don’t do everything equally well.

First, the liquid eyeshadow, as a shadow, works well and can be used as an eyeshadow on its own or as a base over which to apply other shadows.. It applies smoothly, going on creamy and feeling slightly cool against the skin. The pigment is fully opaque. It has a doe foot applicator; learning to work with this applicator could take a little bit of practice, but it’s not a terribly steep learning curve. Once applied, the shadow can be smoothed out with the doe foot applicator, a standard blending brush, or even your fingers. It is easy to blend while wet. Once dry (after about a minute), it sets, staying put until removed with a makeup remover.

The liquid eyeshadow can also be used as a mascara. This requires a bit more patience and dexterity, but the variety of available colors still makes it an appealing option.
Burnished Bling
Burnished Bling shadow over eyelid with its glitter used as a highlight over eyelid and in the corner of the eye
Burnished Bling shadow over eyelid with its glitter used as a highlight over eyelid and in the corner of the eye
Jay Woods: Creating a Look Using Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art
Glitter Liner Application

Theoretically, the glitter liner can be used as a liner or mascara. Unfortunately, the glitter portion of the Eye Art Pen is less opaque than the shadow and applies unevenly, making it difficult to use as a liner. Additionally, it has a consistency similar to that of a clear adhesive with glitter in it, which makes it uncomfortable to wear as an eyeliner.

The glitter is useful, however, for applying sparkle to the corners of the eyes or eyelids. The biggest flaw in the glitter portion of this product is its applicator tip, which is not fine enough to apply smoothly. The easiest way to apply the glitter is probably to squeeze out a single dot at a time and then move the product around as desired using a flat brush or q-tip.

The glitter liner can also be applied to the eyelashes as mascara. Or, since the product is essentially clear with glitter, it might be more effective to simply apply Revlon Eye Art Pen glitter over existing mascara for some added sparkle. That is, if you like glittery eyelashes. I did not test out this aspect of the product.

While the glitter portion of these art pens falls short of the product’s claims, it is still not without some merit. It offers a way to apply glitter with no fall-out, and that isn’t a small feat on its own.
10 Shades
Product Variety, Signature Shades, & Price Point

Revlon’s Photoready Eye Art Pens are currently available in 10 color duos.

The most popular shades seem to be Burnished Bling, a vibrant metallic copper, and Desert Dazzle, a metallic khaki olive green, and Topaz Twinkle, a bronze shade.

These pens typically retail for around $9.99.

Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder?

Aesthetic Subjectivism

We have all heard, and we might have used, the expression “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Like so many popularly used, readily hackneyed, views, this one too springs some unexpected inner traps when it is subjected to analysis.

What does the expression mean exactly? Could it be ambiguous, having different meanings across various contexts? Most words and phrases can suffer from ambiguity when a plethora of meanings across various contexts is available and when the user of language cannot determine which meaning is intended in a given context.

If we mean to be polite about someone with whom we disagree with respect to aesthetic taste, then our use of the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” does not have the literal meaning. It is indicative of the difficulties we find when we scrutinize claims that in this case we might actually hold to the opposite view: we might be thinking that the taste of person X is atrocious, as can be attested objectively, but we are being polite in repeating the trite observation. The meaning of the phrase in this case is, disambiguated, “there is no reason you should feel bad on account of your taste.” But we may not mean this really. Let us ignore this case and take it that the phrase is used in its straightforward sense. Now, keep in mind that, if there is logical absurdity, it doesn’t matter that I am using a phrase: I am speaking nonsense, wether I am aware of it or not. On the other hand, it is also the case perhaps that we cannot correct the competent user of language – our analysis that shows absurdity would then have to be shelved on the undestanding that the language might have a different logic at work. This view is controversial, and is known as Logical Pluralism.

If, taken literally, the statement “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is true, then see what follows: any dispute, between persons X and Y, regarding whether item z is beautiful or not would have to be a pseudo-disagreement. You cannot see, right away, why this matters. In the study of logic, we study, and end up knowing a lot about, pseudo-disagreements. It may shock you to know that we show that many disagreement – emotionally keen, violent, considered grave disagreement – are not genuine! The disputants are confused.

One type of pseudo-disagreement is caused by the fact that the two disputants are using some word or phrase in different meanings. This is not a genuine disagreement: had the disputants used the word or phrase in the same way, they may have agreed and, in many cases, they would have to agree. Let us assume, however, that this is not the case here: it is the not the meaning of the word “beauty” that may be varied as between the two disputants.

Remember: if our statement, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” is true, then any dispute about beauty would have to be a matter of confusion. It would be a pseudo-disagreement. We are assuming that it is not a verbal pseud-disagreement – it is not caused by different meanings of the word “beauty.” A parallel case is about taste in foods. X like the taste of spinach but B does not. Check the statement “spinach tastes god.” Suppose that X and Y argue about this now. They are confused insofar as this is a case of pseudo-disagreement. Is it? Let’s take for now to be a characteristic case of something that cannot be disputed. “Taste is in the tastebuds of the eater.”

Should we be concerned that beauty seems to “behave” like taste? Assuming, for now, that disputes about taste cannot be genuine disagreements, should we pull back once we see that we are treating aesthetic values like taste preferences? Some might think so. It is also the case, though, that we don’t have at this point any specific justification as to why aesthetics should not be treated like tastes.

Here is another example of a pseudodisagreement: X and Y are in dispute over the truth, or falsehood, of the statement “a triangle has three angles.” You might be bemused that any such example could arise but subjective, psychological conviction can intrude in surprising ways. The classical view is that logic and psychology part ways radically. X might be confused about the meaning of the word “triangle,” or “three” for that matter, as a matter of his psychological state. So, we have a dispute but it is not a genuine disagreement. Why not? The competent user of the language takes the word “triangle” to be defined in such a way that the statement “a triangle has three angles” cannot possibly be false, ever!

Notice now how the statement “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is unlike the statement “a triangle has three angles.” The latter statement is logically necessarily true – a technical term is “analytic:” the meanings of its words make it so that it has to be always true. The statement about beauty, however, is not analytic or logically necessarily true. Nothing about the words “beauty,” “eye,” etc., make it so that the statement cannot possibly be false. The statement may logically be true and it may be false – although not both. It is what is technically known as a synthetic statement. It may still be true but its assertion is a theoretical choice. Is this statement supported? This will be our next task – to scrutinize this statement. We have seen that the statement is not trivial – neither logical laws nor the meanings of its words fix it as a true (or false) statement. Logically speaking, it is a contingent matter whether this is a true principle or not. Someone who denies that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is not being logically absurd. Nor is one who puts this down as a true principle being logically absurd either.

Say No To Wrinkles With Stridermatox

“If God had to give a woman wrinkles, He might at least have put them on the soles of her feet” – Ninon de Lenclos

But wrinkles do happen, don’t they? One more candle on that birthday cake each year and you know from within that you are gonna have a little bit more of the things that you would love to give away. Wrinkles, grey hair, creaky bones and sagging skin. Welcome to life in the 40’s.

But science has been making rapid advances into the world of health care and we have a range of products that claim to help you reverse or at least conceal the symptoms of ageing.

How many of those actually work? Very few.

Does one still have to rely on those painful Botox injections to conceal those wrinkles?

Not really. Stridermatox, a recent entrant into the world of beauty products is an eye wrinkles cream that delivers what it promises.

‘Oh…no! Not another eye wrinkles cream. How many have we seen before?’

Three reasons why Stridermatox is the best anti wrinkle serum in the market today.

1.It is the most potent formulation to have ever been released – It is a combination of Matrixyl, Argireline and Hyaluronic acid. All three of these ingredients have attained legendary status with their wrinkle fighting abilities.
2.Unlike Botox, which merely firms and tightens your face and often leads to a plastic look, Stridermatox works on the lower layers of the skin and eases out the wrinkles from within.
3.It is much cheaper as compared to other skin medications, provides better results and is not painful either.

If you have used anti-ageing products in the past and are frustrated by their ineffectiveness, then you must try Stridermatox, at least once. The unique 10 minute wrinkle lifting abilities of this anti wrinkle serum will leave you totally impressed. Undoubtedly, Stridermatox is the best eye cream for wrinkles!

Asian Beauty Secret: Don’t Be The “quiet Asian”

The topic of Asian beauty is largely neglected in this day and age, with popular beauty sites all regurgitating the same generic beauty tips and tricks that, whilst sometimes helpful, are more often than not aimed at people of western/caucasian complexion and thus practically useless for an Asian girl or boy looking online for some secrets to spice up their appearance. Whether it be a male peacock’s feather display or a traditional Japanese geisha’s perfect physical presentation, it seems that life favors the beautiful. Accepting this, it is the intention of this article to come to the aid of Asians who for whatever reason, regardless of their actual attractiveness, have negative self perceptions and thus lack the neccessary confidence to even have a chance at appearing remotely attractive to the opposite sex.
Who am I to be giving Asian beauty advice you ask? A tall, drop dead gorgeous Asian beauty with long black hair, fair skin, and eyes that will give Scarlett Johansen a run for her money? No, guess again! I am a very average looking Asian girl who has managed to attract the attention of countless guys that she has liked over the years just by following a few very simple, easy to follow, and logical Asian beauty secrets.
Please don’t get the wrong idea, I am not trying to sell you a product about Asian beauty secrets. This list of Asian beauty tips is completely free and presented for you below. I sincerely hope that it improves the lives of as many Asian boys and girls around the world as we try our hardest to attract the attention of the boys / girls that we like. With that said, here are some lesser known Asian beauty secrets that, if you apply to your daily beauty routine, will dramatically improve your physical appearance.
Our Asian beauty secret for this article is: Confidence.
Heard it all before? Yes, well guess what? That does not matter. Please, for your sake, do not dismiss this as this is without a doubt the most important beauty secret that most of your average beauty web-sites overlook. This article will not only tell you why confidence is the most important Asian beauty secret, but will also explain exactly how to boost your confidence during interactions with the opposite sex.
Confidence. When you say something with confidence people will believe you, this is proven. The secret is, there is absolutely no difference when it comes to your physical appearance. You must hold yourself in a way that makes people think that you are 100% satisfied and comfortable with who you are – this is VERY attractive. Haven’t you ever been slightly attracted to someone who wasn’t really that physically attractive? Chances are that they had a great personality, and the main factor that makes up a “good personality” is confidence – which I might add, should not be confused with arrogance. Quiet confidence is our goal, and the trick here is to convey your confidence with calmness and contentment rather than with words.
Question: Why do unattractive people get attractive partners?
Money you say? NO! Confidence. If anything, money just fuels confidence and in turn this sets off a chain reaction of dramatically positive attributes that make people see you in a more beautiful light. This is why a person’s level of confidence is the #1 Asian beauty tip and considered by people in the Asian beauty industry as the most important.
But let us be realistic for one moment. Is it really fair to expect someone who has no confidence to suddenly change their whole persona and become a cool, calm, collected, and confident person? No.
A person’s confidence can been affected by a lot of things, and in this case it will most likely be affect by how they think society views their appearance from a superficial point of view. Therefore, it is important to see that no matter what the kind of situation you are in, and no matter how you are presented, 95% of the other people’s impressions of you will be influenced by the amount of confidence that you exude and the way in which you do so.
So, how do I exude confidence and not be classed “The Quiet Asian”?
Here is one of the most important lessons you will ever learn about Asian beauty – and ironically, it has nothing to do with how you look – that is, it goes beyond mere physical appearance. This lesson is rapport building.
What does this have to do with beauty you ask?
Several studies have shown that people feel more confident when they are in a social situation in which they are getting along with the people with who they are talking to. In turn, because of this increased confidence, they will appear more beautiful and attractive to the people with whom they interact. It is simple logic and it is the truth. In fact, the skill needed to get along with other people, i.e. rapport building, helps ensure success in almost every facet of life. In addition to you beauty pursuits, if your vocation depends on having interactions with people, managing them or depending on them, you will need almost definitely need this essential communication skill.
As mentioned above, we often refer to this interpersonal skill as rapport building, and having a good rapport with someone fosters the ideal conditions for a calm exchange of thoughts and ideas, and thus creating the initial building blocks of attraction.

Trust me, Asian beauty tips are all over the internet, but this one is the best you will ever come across, that I am sure of. Why? Because it has nothing to do with your physical appearance!
So, OK rapport building is the Asian beauty secret… How do I build rapport? Correct question!
The best way to build rapport, increase your confidence in social situations, and ultimately increase the level of attraction felt by the person with whom you interact, you must pay attention to this important Asian beauty technique: Mirroring. The fact of the matter is, we are more likely to like people that resemble ourselves. We tend to get on better with them, and as a result, communicate with them much more effectively. They, in turn, get to like us, and when people like us we are….??? More confident and therefore….??? Much more beautiful in the eyes of others. Asian Beauty Fact.
You can build rapport and thus increase your perceived beauty by mirroring in the following areas:
– Body posture and mannerisms
– Tone of voice and speed of speech.
– Breathing – a more subtle but powerful way to match someone
A few vital points about matching that are essential for completeness of our Asian beauty secret: It is firstly important to always keep in mind the importance of being subtle and respectful. The key here is to ensure that you do not abruptly change your posture, voice or gestures. In order for this Asian beauty tip to work you must ensure that any change is gradual. On thing you should avoid is attracting the other person’s attention by your body language. Instead, it is preferable if you help them to achieve rapport unconsciously. You will see this in their face as they start to see you in a more beautiful light. This is the cue for your confidence to rise, and then, like magic, you will appear radiant and beautiful. Sound like an over hyped Asian beauty secret that is unrealistic in real life. Nonsense.
People, I am an extremely average looking, and quiet, Asian girl. Over the years I have, like most people, had my crushes on guys who I thought were much more beautiful than myself and thus far out of the reach of an average girl like myself – yet I was able to build rapport with them using the above techniques and this in turn built my confidence up to a level where I was interacting with them very comfortably and in turn they became attracted to me – it really is that simple.
Having read countless Asian beauty books and websites, I am convinced that the best Asain beauty secret out there is confidence, and I sincerely hope that via this article I was able to convey to everyone some useful techniques to boost your confidence and, in turn, your perceived beauty.
Good luck all.

Beauty Relies On The Healthy Eyes

Seeing can be likened to the process of taking pictures on a film with a camera which you then get developed. The retina is like a camera film which stores an image of what we are looking at. The image directed onto the retina is then sent along to the brain where it is processed, like developing a camera film. Therefore we actually “see” in our brain with the light information sent to it from our eyes. This whole process happens very quickly so that everything we see is in focus.

With growing age, Like the rest of your body, your eyes can deteriorate as you get older – and eyesight also becomes less, so many people wearing glasses or contact lenses after a certain age. But even children and teenagers can have problems with eyesight. There are many aged people who have good eyesight and never need to wear spectacles. But with the eye exercises , today many kind of eyesight problems can be solved ,there are people with short sight problems, near sight problems and people with astigmatism; all these problems can be cured permanently.

Vision can be corrected in many ways; like eyeglasses or contact lenses, People enjoy wearing contact lenses because they stay in place better than glasses or but they teach people bad habits and allow their eyes to work incorrectly. they quickly become dependent on it.

Also the people think that the vision can be better by natural herbs (like Lutein, Bilberry, and Eyebright) and vitamins (A and E among others) that help maintain the health of the eye, but unfortunately couldn’t improve vision, Because The main reason of eyesight problems are physical (the physical distance between the retina and lens), not a chemical problem that can be changed with drugs, herbs, or supplements.

Even though there’s more to improving your vision than only by eye exercises, which is based on a lot of research, the basic technique is to relax the eye muscles as mush as possible. You can perform these exercises and improve your eyesight without undergoing any surgery for that.
many of people take their eyesight for granted until they begin to have problems, however don’t wait until you start losing your eyesight, following some simple instructions will help keep your eyes healthy for years to come.

1- in order to improve your eyesight naturally, you must avoiding stress which the problem of all diseases

2- this is why you have not to strain your eyes, by Taking a few minutes to relax and get your natural thought process back to normal, you can teach your eyes to be more relaxed, the need for glasses and lenses would go away completely.

3-one of relaxation techniques is Focusing on the positive things that happened throughout the day. will clear your mind, relax the body, and give you a better night’s sleep.

4- another technique is To stand with your feet about a foot apart. Let your hands and arms freely rest at your side. Relax your shoulders, jaw and facial muscles, Let eyes turn to the left and right with open or closed eyes.

Eye Beauty Enhancement Tips

Melany Whitney is an expert permanent cosmetics technician. She is highly regarded by the press and others in her industry and has become the “voice” for permanent cosmetics; regularly interviewed on national television and for fashion magazines. In this interesting article you are sure to learn a few new tips to enhance your eyes even if you don’t wear permanent cosmetics.

If you are considering permanent makeup for the first time, you’ve got lots of questions. This article will help you to understand why permanent cosmetics should be your new beauty enhancement. With a permanent makeup application there is literally no “down time”, you’ll be ready to show off your new prettier you right after your procedure.

If you are looking for freedom from makeup, permanent makeup can give you the freedom to look your best at anytime. You can transition immediately from work to an evening out without having to be a slave to the mirror for touch ups; just a quick powder and you’re out the door.
For this special piece, we’ve interviewed Melany Whitney on how she beautifies and enhances eyes permanently. We think that you will find her artistic insight interesting reading.

Interviewer: Melany, you do such a wonderful job on enhancing eye beauty, but don’t clients get uncomfortable with you working so close to their eyes with needles?

Melany: Let me explain a little about the eye area first. The eyelids are literally the two folds of skin that shield the eyeball. The upper eyelid is larger and more moveable. It regulates the opening and closing of the eye with the help of the Orbicularis Palpebrarum muscle. Lower lid movement is slight. The eyelids act to sweep dirt from the surface of the eye, protecting it from injury, and helping distribute tear fluid.

As a permanent cosmetic practitioner, I am frequently working in close proximity to the eye and over the major protection for the eye, the eyelid. This is the biggest fear that my clients have – can I go into their actual eyeball during a procedure? Well, because the eyelids are the protection for the eye – I only work with a closed lid – thus protecting the eyeball at all times. I hold the lid firmly, but gently, in order to get enough stretch for pigment retention in that area. Poking a client in the eye has never been a concern for me a seasoned technician. The part of the eyelid that I work on is thicker at the margin – called the Tarsal Ridge. This is where most technicians DO NOT put color because it is actually more difficult to do, if one is not familiar with the physiology of that area.

Interviewer: So do you put color there in the Tarsal Ridge?

Melany: Yes, I feel that any eye lining procedure is not complete without some darkness being put in between the client’s eyelashes (the Tarsal ridge area) to give the appearance of a fuller and thicker lash base. It usually is an area in which you simply cannot get conventional eyeliner – so that the line you get with over the counter products, winds up accentuating the thinning of our lash line instead of plumping it up.

I always include this lash enhancement, which in most cases is all that is needed, to give one a “brighter and open eyed” look. It is natural and cannot be easily detected as “added”. You can go to sleep, wake up, swim, sweat, etc. without “tell tale raccoon eyes”.

Interviewer: What about the client who wants a more dramatic look?

Melany: If my client wishes a bit more thickness or darkness to that upper lash line, I can add a tad thicker line in that area to make that area even more outstanding. At the same time, I try to keep a “soft edge” to both the top and bottom liners for that all important natural appearance.

Interviewer: What about the lower lid, I think you do something different there don’t you?

Melany: Yes I do, the lower liner is definitely treated a bit differently than the top liner. It needs to be put in-between each bottom lash and in a more of a stippled or connected dots technique. Due to the natural salt we have in our tears – the bottom line will always fade a lot more than the top and give a softer effect – but a very important one. Without bottom definition, your eyes tend to look droopy and tired. Done correctly, which means, NOT done with a thick application, the liner will actually make your eyes “pop”. If not done in just that precise way, a thick black liner will tend to “close the eye up”.

Interviewer: What about color selections and what colors should not be used?

Melany: The choices in color for eyeliner have basically come down to black and black brown. Color can actually be applied as a shadow above the liner (permanently or by conventional means) if desired later. If you understand color theory – the reason you should not rim your eyes with a medium or light brown is that those browns tend to have too much warmth or red tones in them and can give your eyes a “rabbit eye” (pink) effect.

Interviewer: Any other important tips for us today on eyeliner?

Melany: Another VERY important tip is that eyeliners should NOT go past the last lash in any direction (top or bottom). This is due to the fact that if done in the medial area or outer Canthus area of the eye, you could experience “migration”, weeping or bleeding of the color under the skin, where it is not supposed to be. I am asked many times to pass these parameters and decline. Better safe than sorry in these instances!

Another comment I’d like to make is that all black eyeliner pigments have “blue” in them. This blue will eventually come out months to years down the road. This has never been a “negative” to be concerned about, since all eyes look great with the smallest bit of blue or charcoal around them. Actually this “fading” tends to make light blue eyes a bit greener looking! This does not indicate that your technician is using “common” tattoo ink in your liner – it is simply a reality of the color black.

Interviewer: What great tips and insights into how you enhance eyes permanently. I think that even if you don’t wear permanent cosmetics that your tips about color and placement of liner every woman can use to improve her personal eye beauty even with removable makeup.

Article Source:

Make Your Eyes Beautiful

The face is the impressive part of your personality and in face your eyes are the most attractive and vital. Eyes are representative of your personality. Few people use to say that the eyes speak and express thy selves. The eyes attract and are the part of your impression building. One can give people a feel of gorgeousness by having the beautiful eyes.

The eyes needs to be protected for better impressions but at times due to some factors the beauty of the eyes just get diminished. The eyes are the main impression makers for every one especially the people of fashion industry and the showbiz. The eyes if become unattractive can cause serious damage to the grace and the look of the people for whom the beauty is every thing.

Although our eyes keeps the look for long and usually looses the grace in the old age but there are people who just suffer from the eye problems in their adulthood. The problems associated with the eye look are the dark under eye circles, wrinkles around the eyes and the bulks under the eyes. They all dent the beauty of the eyes. The beauty of the eyes can be restored today with the help of Revitol solutions invented by the scientists and the researchers.

The eyes are the vital part of our body and are sensitive in nature. The eyes thus must be treated with extreme care and caution. There are many solutions and the treatments in the marketplace few are expensive and the few proves costly but what if you can not achieve the results even after spending a lot in treatment process. It had better to get Revitol treatment than the ordinary one because the Revitol solutions really work.

The Revitol solutions will treat your eye the way it needs. It will provide the needed vitamins and the minerals to the gentle skin of your eye and make you revitalize your eyes. It will serve you by finishing the dark circles and the packets under your eyes. Actually the dark circles appear because of the capillaries under the eyes. These capillaries release the blood under the eyes and as this blood oxidizes, the blood takes the bluish hue. The darkness appears because of this oxidized blood. Few people believe that the darkness appears because of the restless sleep or the stress of mind but that is not really the case.

The Revitol solutions can help your cause by revitalizing your eye skin. The natural ingredients of the Revitol formula make you get rid of the dark circles and the lines swiftly. You can make your eyes beautiful again by restoring the younger skin around them. Your eyes will start making the impression again and you can have the confidence of beautiful look and the stance. Stop thinking that you will have to live with the dark spots around your eyes. You can simply shun them out by using the Revitol solutions.

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Eye Beauty Care

Frequent rubbing of the skin or prolonged fatigue will cause eye bags. Over dryness and improper eye care will contribute to appearance of wrinkles and crows feet. Towards middle age, the eye area will droop slightly if untreated.

Do eye padding exercise to strengthen the eye area and improve its circulation around that area. Use your third and fourth finger on each hand, using lightly press and padded movements under your eyes start from inside and then out until you reach the temple and pressed for 10 seconds. Repeat a few times. Do it everyday, during application of eye gel, cream or serum, or whenever necessary without make up.

In today’s changing lifestyle and pattern, you notice some students as young as teenagers have started developing eye puffiness and dark circles which is not so common in the past.

Use eye care products to repair and treat your eye area. Use an eye product daily, add it into your daily skin care regime and start a weekly DIY (Do-it-yourself) intensive eye treatment at home. You may do it alone or together with your DIY home facial treatment.

Use cooling cucumber slices and place it on each eye, rest for 10 minutes. Remove and wash your eye area with clean water. You can also substitute with potato slices or cooling tea bags.

Instead of using vegetables, you can opt to use light weight eye gel masque. Apply around the eyes, rest and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Wash your eye area with clean water.

Apply a light weight eye gel around the eyes.

Do eye padding exercise to strengthen the eye area and improve its circulation around that area. Use your third and fourth finger on each hand, using lightly press and padded movements under your eyes start from inside and then out until you reach the temple and pressed for 10 seconds.

Your skin is still young and delicate. Do not use too strong eye products, use a gentle and mild eye product to de-puff your eye area.

Use cooling cucumber slices and place it on each eye, rest for 10 minutes. Remove and wash your eye area with clean water. You can also substitute with potato slices or cooling tea bags.

Pour rose floral water onto 2 facial cottons, place wet cottons onto each eyes covering the under eyes area. Leave it for 15 minutes. Rose floral water contains soothing properties and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Use a light weight eye gel or cream masque which does not cause milia seeds or oil seeds. Apply around the eyes, rest and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Wash your eye area with clean water.

Use ready made at the counter eye pads masque. Leave it on eye area for 10-15 minutes or as instructed. Remove and wash your eye area with clean water after that.

Apply a light weight eye gel or cream around the eyes.

Do eye padding exercise to strengthen the eye area and improve its circulation around that area. Use your third and fourth finger on each hand, using lightly press and padded movements under your eyes start from inside and then out until you reach the temple and pressed for 10 seconds.

Your eye problems are not critical yet. Therefore, do not go for oil based, rich and nourishing eye care products provided you have a dry skin texture.

Enhance Your Eye Beauty With Revitalash

Every girl has a desire to possess stereotypical beautiful eyes, and eyelashes that are long, thick and well defined. To have such beautiful eyes, girls apply various cosmetic products on their eyes. To enhance the beauty of eyelashes there are various cosmetics available in the market. But, what if you have a short, thin and week eyelashes? Will these products work out? The answer is no. To resolve this problem, companies have come up with products that will deal with week eyelashes and enhanced their growth and looks. One amongst the popular brands of the same line is RevitaLash. With the product of the same brand, you can achieve natural eye beauty without any cosmetic procedure or discomfort.

The RevitaLash advanced eyelash conditioner is an eyelash growth serum which beautifies your eyes by encouraging the growth of eyelashes, thickening and nourishing them properly. The eyelash growth product is comprised of a potent blend of botanicals and peptides. Just a thin layer of the serum on your eyes like eye liner for about two months and the results will be in front of you. The daily application of the serum on the upper eye lids is recommended. After two months you will see, that the eyelashes have grown naturally and are thicker and stronger than ever before. The cosmetic product is safe to use and does not have any unwanted side effects as seen with the same kind of product of other brand. The eyelashes growth conditioner is approved by CIR, a regulatory body of cosmetic products and ingredients. It can be purchased from the market without the prescription of doctor. The same is used as a cosmetic product instead of medicated one. The eyelash growing conditioner is a boon for those who have short eyelids or for the older women who have started losing their eyelashes due to age.

The advance version of the RevitaLash eyelash conditioner contains more of medicinal plant extracts than chemicals like oxidizer and others. In comparison to the older formula, the new and advanced version contains a variety of plant extracts like Ginseng Root Extract, Serenoa Serrulata Fruit extract and Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract. It also contains other natural growth and conditioning aids such as biotin and glycerin. You can check out RevitaLash reviews on internet which tell you how women are enjoying their eyes beauty just after using the product. The reviews focus on the benefits of the product and positive results likely to known after the usage.

Another brand of the same product line is NeuLash. The Eyelash Enhancing Serum of the company is a eyeliner styled enhancer which offers maximum protection for your eyelashes by providing vital nutrients to them. The serum moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates your lashes and makes your appearance even more attractive. The product seems to give better and positive results within 30 days. The application of this serum is exactly the same as of others. The NeuLash and RevitaLash reviews clearly say that the products are good and beneficial in use.